About Me

sleepI am 44 years old and have lived in Maidenhead for 6 years, having moved here shortly after the birth of my first daughter. Her younger sister arrived 4 years later.

The son of a teacher and a nurse, I was educated in a comprehensive school and went on to study engineering at Newcastle University. I have been an engineer ever since. I spent nearly a decade living and working overseas in as diverse places as Pakistan, Thailand, South Africa, the USA and the UAE before coming back to the UK in 2006 I now have my own one-man business, providing Project Management services to the engineering construction industry.

I took an MA in History at Birkbeck in my late 30s and the perspective this has given me colours my views on politics and society. My history blog The Eagle Calawed Wolfe and be found here.

I’m am an avid follower of cricket (something it seems I share with Mrs. May). I took up fencing as an adult and became a combative, if inelegant,club fencer, although I now rarely take to the piste. I can still be seen occasionally on lumbering runs around Maidenhead or in the gym attempting to stave off middle aged decline.

I am supported by my wife Lisa, a research scientist  currently working on potential treatments for Ebola.